The very First Server X-Luffy is opened - Set Sail Now.


Hi Captains,

The very first Server Luffy is here Captains. Gather your friends, grab your pieces of stuff and start your wonderful journey in One Piece World with marvelous graphic design.

Estimated Open time: 11:00 UTC+8 Dec, 20th 2018.

When joining our new Server you will have chances to claim great combo of rewards:
➡️ Free VIP 5!!!

➡️ Free D.ACE 5-star!

➡️ Free Zoro 5-star!

➡️ Free Purple Set Eq

➡️ Free Orange Set Eq.

➡️ A chance to get very powerful Dark Hero Mihawk!!!

➡️ Many necessary and valuable items including Ultra Rare Devil fruits, Orange Tactic, Ornage equipment chests, etc.

Bon Voyage

- Your Nami -