New server Sanji, get VIP 5 free, conquer the New World and rule the Sea.


Dear Captains, 

Welcome to Haki: The Lost Treasure, for the fame and gold! The detailed introduction of New server escort mission. 

The second server: S4: Sanji is opened at 17:00 am, December 21th, 2018 (UTC+8) Captains. Gather your friends, grab your stuff and start your wonderful journey in One Piece World with marvelous graphic design. You are able to have a miracle change to get huge of valuable Rewards.

We would like to give you some events as our respect and appreciation for your enthusiasm and support.  Please kindly check this event combo below, which includes many helpful items. Let's take a look! 

➡️ Free VIP 5!!!

➡️ Free D.ACE 5-star!

➡️ Free Zoro 5-star!

➡️ Free Purple Set Eq

➡️ Free Orange Set Eq.

➡️ A chance to get very powerful Dark Hero Mihawk!!!

➡️ Many necessary and valuable items including Ultra Rare Devil fruits, Orange Tactic, Ornage equipment chests, etc.

If you have any concern, please kindly don't hesitate to inform us via:
Email: [email protected]

Thanks for your support and stay with us.
Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Haki - The Lost Treasure Team.