It's almost here, only 2 hours left


[Count down] Our Hakki - the lost treasure official release time: 11:00 utc+8 Dec 20th 

Are you ready Captains? 

The heat is on now  It's almost here. Only 2 hours left  Get ready and Set Sail with us now. Join us now and you will have  New server's combo as below:

1. Login rewards
- First day: 4-star Zoro, Full Purple Set Equip.
- Continuously login for 2 days to get D.ACE!!
- Continuously login for 5 days to get 270 pieces D.ACE more !!!
- Continuously login for 7 days to claim 200 refine stones and 250 Gold FREE in total!
2. First recharge (any amount, minimum 1$): 40 pieces X-Luffy, X-Nami, X-Zoro, 100 pieces Enel, Full Orange Set Equip.
3. Free VIP points every day from login reward.
4. 7-day TOP Racing - One challenge each day everyday
5. Level racing, power racing, spending racing
6. Events combo: 
- Wonder Pot 
- Cumulative recharge
- Cumulative spend
- Level fund
- Growth up Funding
- Monthly Membership
8. Daily events
- Kiss Boa
- Sanji Chef

We wish you a happy time when joining Haki: The Lost Treasure