Guideline for newbie: Tactic system


Greeting my Captains,

Forte System in Haki: The Lost Treasure is one the most important features which affect the result of the match remarkably. Today we would like to introduce the Tactic System and especially the Zodiac Forte. This is the first time ever this forte is applied into a One Piece Game.

1. Introduce:

Forte helps to increase the stats of Heroes in your team. The better forte you have the bigger chance you can defeat your opponent. There are 2 main kinds of Forte: The Basic Forte and The Zodiac Forte.

A. The Basic Tactic:

The Basic Tactic includes many kinds of Forte, each Forte has different condition and effect. In the early stage, there is "Speed Forte". This forte helps to increase speed all of your Heroes in the battle.    

Rage Regeneration Tactic

B. Zodiac Tactic:

The Zodiac Forte has 12 kinds of Forte matching to 12 Zodiac signs. In the early stage, the Zodiac Forte System will have 3 kinds of Forte includes: Scorpius, Libra, Cancer. The next fortes will be revealed in the later updates. The Zodiac Forte will help to increase the stats of the first row based on the percentage of the total teammate stats. 

Cancer Tactic


Scorpius Tactic



2. Upgrade Tactic

A. How to get tactic?

- You can join some activities, events in-game or steal piece of Tactic from another players. After collecting enough pieces of Forte you can Force it.

- How to plund?: At the main menu choose Fight -> Steal -> Choose Piece of Tactic to rob.

- Tactic can be created from pieces which have the same quality:

Purple: requires 4 pieces

Orange: requires 6 pieces

Red: requires 8 pieces

Platinum: Requires 10 pieces

 Plund - Craft tactic screen

B. Level up Tactic:

- You can the same Forte to up star that Forte in order to increase the stats.

1 star Tactic: Requires 1 Tactic

2 star Tactic: Requires 2 Tactics

3 star Tactic: Requires 3 Tactics

4 star Tactic: Requires 4 Tactics

5 star Tactic: Requires 5 Tactics

6 star Tactic: Requires 6 Tactics


Tactic in battle


Captains should choose Tactic carefully in order to win these intense battles.