How to take your adventure on PC


Hello all Captains,

In this article, I will show you how to install and play Haki: The lost treasure on PC, please follow these simple steps:


☀ Step 1: Download and install Droid4X here


Install Droid4xInstaller.exe file, click Install to start:



This software will run the application, click Open to open Droid4x:



☀ Step 2: Download file to install Haki: The lost treasure on PC (APK file). Download here.

☀ Step 3: Install game:

+ Drag file Haki: The lost treasure and drop it into Droid4x window, Haki: The lost treasure will be automatically run.

+ Double click on Haki: The lost treasure icon in the main display after finish installing.

Wish you will have happy and relaxing moments with Haki: The lost treasure!

- Your Nami