Guideline for newbie: Weather system


Welcome to Haki: The lost treasure Captains,

The weather feature is a rare feature in card battle mobile game. In Haki - The Lost Treasure, weather features will directly affect the battle result. In the first version of this game, there are 3 main kinds of weather: Tornado, Fog, and Thunder. During battle turns, these 3 weather effects will appear randomly. Each effect will have a different visual aid and can even change the battle result.

1. The Fog effect:

When this effect appears the hero can miss hitting the enemy.

Image of Fog effect

2. The Tonardo Effect:

This effect will randomly appear and roll away random hero from the battle.


Image of Tonardo effect


3. Thunder weather map:

This lightning effect will also appear randomly and make random hero stun for 1 turn.

Image of Thunder effect


Hope you have a great journey. Set sail and claim your Victory, my dear.

Best Regard, 

- Nami -