Guideline for newbie: Gem usage in equipment and alliance basic introduction

Greeting my captain, 
To support you have a wonderful voyage, Nami is so proud to introduce you some information about  gem usage in equipment and alliance basic introduction below:
 You can equip gems to each equipment/weapon. Up to 6 gems per item can be equipped, you need one time per slot chisels to unlock them.
There are 2 kinds of gems, those who give fixed value (new!) And those who give % plus. 
 About union: u can have 1 captain and 2 vice Captains. 
- You can have a member in one union across all servers (not limited to 1 server or group)
- Union war will be better than before and all member can participate.
- You will have even a union boss to fight against him, that's Jack!

Hope you have a great journey. Set sail and claim your Victory, my dear.

Best Regard, 

- Nami -