Guideline for newbie: Build up and realtionship


Greeting my Captain,

Welcome you to Haki: The lost treasure. To support you in your journey, Nami is so proud to give you some basic information in the beginning period. Today, I will show you some important information related to building a team and the relationships.

First of all,  you can have up to 6 chars in main team + 3 backup chars. Is one character dead than the backup char will jump in?

- Each character have relationships, sometimes they have 2 ways relationship (both chars affecting each other ) and some chars only 1-way relationship. The relationship can, for example, increase physical attack to 60% etc. A char has mostly more than 4 relationships.

- There is a support team which is only good to increase the status of the main team by relationship and of the support slots, each slot increase one special value like HP or speed or defense. You can level the support slots even, than higher they leveled than more % boost they give to the whole team in its value.

- You can even have pets in this game, pets like Chou Chou or Humandrill or Bepo. They even increase one stat or even later may be more than one stat. These are even able to be leveled.

Therefore, in total, You can have 18 chars to adjust your team for battle (6+3 in the main team, 9 in the support slot ) and even 18 pets (each character 1 pet).

Hope you have a great journey. Set sail and claim your Victory my dear.

Best Regard, 

- Nami -